Pollination Game

This game helps you to explore how different flowers attract different animals to pollinate them. These differences help us to understand why there are so many types of flowers in nature. You can choose to design a flower from a choice of shapes and colours, and add variable amounts of nectar, pollen and perfume, as well as nectar guides. Then choose an animal to pollinate your flower and see whether it likes it – if so you will get lots of seeds and lots of points!

Here are a few tips:
Moths have long tongues so like tubular flowers, and hummingbirds have very long beaks, so like even longer flowers. Birds and butterflies like red but bees can’t see it very well. Most animals like lots of nectar, but beetles like pollen to eat too. A strong perfume is important for a flower that attracts night-flying animals, like moths. Bees like nectar guides to help them work out where to land on the flower.
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