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Prof. Ullrich Steiner (University of Cambridge, Physics)

Dr Beverley Glover (University of Cambridge, Plant Sciences)

Prof. Jeremy Baumberg (University of Cambridge, Physics)

Prof. Peter Vukusic (University of Exeter, Physics)
Dr Lucas Joppa (Microsoft Research Cambridge)


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Scientific Papers

Pointillist structural colour in Pollia fruit
S. Vignolini, P. J. Rudall, A. V. Rowland, A. Reed, E. Moyroud, R. B. Faden, J. J. Baumberg, B. J. Glover, and U. Steiner.
PNAS in press doi:10.1073/pnas.1210105109
Directional scattering from Ranunculus acris: how the buttercup lights up your chin
S. Vignolini, M. M. Thomas, M.Kollei, T. Wenzeli, P. Rudall, J. J. Baumberg, B. J. Glover and U. Steiner.
J. R. Soc. Int 9, 1295-1301, (2012)
The mirror crack’d: both pigment & structure contribute to metallic blue appearance of the Mirror Orchid, Ophrys speculum
S. Vignolini, M. P. Davey, R.M. Bateman, P. J. Rudall, E. Moyroud, J. Tratt, S. Malmgren, U. Steiner, and B. J. Glover
New Phytol., in press DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2012.04356.x
Comparative labellum micromorphology of the sexually deceptive temperate orchid genus Ophrys: diverse epidermal cell types and multiple origins of structural colour
Bradshaw, E, Rudall, P, Devey, D, Thomas, M, Glover, BJ, and Bateman, RM
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 2010   162 504-540 online
Iridescence and structural colour in plants – the poorly studied relatives of pigment colour
Glover, BJ and Whitney, H
Annals of Botany 2010   105 505-511 online
Contributions of iridescence to floral patterning
Whitney, H, Kolle, M, Alvarez-Fernandez, R, Steiner, U, and Glover, BJ
Communicative and Integrative Biology 2009   2 230-232 online
Floral iridescence, produced by diffractive optics, acts as a cue for animal pollinators
Whitney, H, Kolle, M, Andrew, P, Chittka, L, Steiner, U, and Glover, BJ
Science 2009   323 130-133 online
3D Bulk Ordering in Macroscopic Solid Opaline Films by Edge-Induced Rotational Shearing
C. Finlayson , P. Spahn , D. Snoswell , G. Yates , A Kontogeorgos, A. Haines, G. Hellmann,  J. Baumberg
Advanced Materials 2011, 23, 1540-1544  online
Inducing Symmetry Breaking in Nanostructures: Anisotropic Stretch-Tuning Photonic Crystals
A. Kontogeorgos, D. Snoswell, C. Finlayson, J. Baumberg
Physical Review Letters 2010, 105, 233909  online
Ordering in stretch-tunable polymeric opal fibers
C. Finlayson, C. Goddard, E. Papachristodoulou, D. Snoswell, A. Kontogeorgos, P. Spahn, G. Hellmann, O. Hess,  J. Baumberg
Optics Express, 2011, 19, 3144   online
Thermochromic polymer opals
J. Sussman, D. Snoswell, A. Kontogeorgos, J. Baumberg
Applied Physics Letters, 2009, 95, 173116 online
Function of blue iridescence in tropical understorey plants
Katherine R. Thomas, Mathias Kolle, Heather M. Whitney,
Beverley J. Glover and Ullrich Steiner
Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2010, 7, 1699  online.
Response to Comment on “Floral Iridescence, Produced by Diffractive Optics,
Acts As a Cue for Animal Pollinators”
Heather M. Whitney, Mathias Kolle, Piers Andrew, Lars Chittka,
Ullrich Steiner, Beverley J. Glover
Science, 2009, 325, 1072e  online.
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